A sustainable organization honoring God and serving people to achieve dignified living

Key Strategic Areas

ADS SR is focusing on 4 key pillars for its strategic focus in its Strategic Plan 2017-2020:

Pillar 1: Programs

The goal is to empower communities in South Rift Region to be self -reliant. To implement the pillar, ADSSR focuses on 7 thematic areas of intervention, i.e Human Health, Livelihood, Peace Building, OVC Care And Support, Climate Change, Advocacy and Capacity Building 

Pillar 2: Human Resources

ADSSR seeks to recruit and retain an efficient and effective workforce that is result oriented. 4 thematic areas to achieve the goal include Staffing, staff Capacity Building, Professionalism and focus on Staff Retention.

Pillar 3:  Institutional Development

ADSSR goal is to establish efficient and effective organizational systems, structures and policies that ensure functional systems, proper utilization of resources, impacting communities and a model organization. Thematic areas under this pillar include financial management, Governance and ICT

Pillar 4: Property and Investment

The main goal is to enhance Income Generating Activity initiatives and resource mobilization capabilities and create a self- sustaining organization to ensure the available resources meet the vision and mission of the organization and reduce reliance on donor funds.

ADSSR has uplifted the living standards of the communities and has gained community trust through partnership and collaboration with the County governments of Narok, Kericho and Bomet and other partners. The organization is involved in community development work through various community engagement processes such as Church and Community Mobilization (CCMP), Participatory Evaluation (PEP) and Participatory Vulnerability Capacity Assessments (PVCA). As a result, communities identify and prioritize their needs, opportunities and resources then take actions to address them. ADS South rift works in close collaboration with various line government ministries in implementing community projects. Among them are the Ministry of Education, Agriculture, Health, Public service- Youth and Gender affairs, National Disaster Management Authority and the Children’s department. The organization is funded by different donor agencies such as Just Earth, Christian Aid, We World, Christian Health Association of Kenya, Kenya Red Cross, Trinity Church Cheltenham and Five Talents UK and works in collaboration with other state and non-state actors in the three Counties.

ADS Southrift has good structures and strong financial control systems .This has seen its local offices in Narok, Transmara and Kericho manage a total of over ksh 60 million in a year with excellent audit ratings.