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Kuboresha, Kudumisha na Kulinda (3K)

Kuboresha, Kudumisha na Kulinda (3 K) Narok Project is a school Health project contributing to the realization of equitable quality education, good health and well-being of 4000 children in Narok County. It is a 3years project running from 2018-2022 funded by We World Foundation. The project is reaching 14 schools in Narok County. (12 in Narok North, 2 in Narok East).

The General objective is to contribute towards the realization of equitable quality education, good health and well-being of children in Narok County.

The Specific objective is to increase the access of children, especially girls, to a better quality basic education in a healthier and more protected environment at school and community level in Narok North and Narok East sub-counties


The project will be implemented in 14 schools reaching 7,391 children (3,553 F and 3,838 M) and 1672 adults, that is 700 caregivers, 70 school management committee members, 28 teachers and 5 project staff, 25 members of the County Area Advisory Council (AAC), 75 members of the Locational Area Advisory Council (LAAC), 56 community paralegals, 30 NACCSNET members, 30 CHVs for family training.

The project activities are broken down in four result areas, these are:

  • Result 1:Quality of education improved among 7391 children in 14 primary schools. The activities will include training of BOM members, motivational talks for the children in primary schools, provision of ECD chairs and tables, and recreational material, construction of classrooms, support to regular schooling, close follow up of school activities and performance even through sessions with teachers, BOM and parents/caregivers to improve academic standards and reduce chronic absenteeism and drop-outs.
  • Result 2: Improved watsan, health and nutrition conditions in the 14 targeted schools. The activities will include integrated school health outreaches, provision of water tanks, water harvesting and hand washing facilities, construction of VIP latrines, tree planting.


  • Result 4: Child protection promoted at school and community level. The activities will be: training of teachers on child care and protection, raising awareness among the children on child protection issues and life skills, sensitizing caregivers on child protection, strengthening community child protection systems, supporting children assemblies, referral and linkages for abused children, marking of important days to raise awareness such as the Day of The African Child and Zero Tolerance on FGM.

The project implementing partners will work in collaboration with the various government offices and departments in Narok County including Children’s department, Department of Gender and Social services, Ministry of Health and other health care providers, Ministry of Education, and NACCSNET members.

Project Background

The project builds on WeWorld’s mission and vision that are:

  • Mission:WeWorld promotes and safeguards children’s and women’s rights in Italy and throughout the world. WeWorld helps concretely children, women and their communities in promoting changes and social inclusion.
  • Vision:children’s and women’s rights acknowledged and guaranteed throughout the world.

WeWorld, and ACK NIDP will work jointly to improve the living conditions of the communities in the two sub counties of Narok North and East, each partner in their respective geographical areas of intervention that are Narok North and East for ACK NIDP, and all the three sub-counties( that are Narok North, Narok East and Narok South) for WeWorld. Through partners previous engagement in the same community a partnership was formed for sustainable development.

WeWorld and ACK NIDP collaborations have previously been established in the dissemination of the school health policy in Narok North and East.