Farm Field Schools

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) – Kericho Diocese is in partnership with Just Earth in implementing Farm Field Schools. Just Earth is a charity Organization working in partnership with local churches to bring spiritual, social, economic and environmental change to communities in the name of Jesus. Harvest yields are multiplying, families are eating balanced diets, orphans are finding homes, the sick are being healed, churches and communities are thriving, and supporters are feeling positive and inspired.

The Diocese has established Two Farm Field Schools (FFS) at Kapsoit and Ainamoi Parishes with 36 members each. There scale up plans under way with establishment of 6 more Farm Field Schools.

Farm Field Schools (FFS)

Farm Field Schools (FFS) consist of groups of farmers who get together to study a particular topic. It is a school without walls that delivers technology and extension messages to farmers. These schools involve farmers of all ages. It gives farmers an opportunity to choose the kind of method of production through discovery based approach. The farmers discover the solutions of t6heir problems through field observations and make crucial steps of solving them.

The topics covered vary from conservation agriculture, organic agriculture, animal husbandry, and soil husbandry, to income- generating activitiesFFS provide opportunities for learning by doing. It teaches basic agricultural and management skills that make farmers experts in their own farms. FFS is a forum where farmers and trainers debate observations, experiences and present new information from outside the community.

 Objectives of FFS

  • Brings farmers together to carry out collective and collaborative inquiry with the purpose of initiating community action involve community problems.

 Specific Objectives

  1. To empower farmers with knowledge and skills to make experts in their own fields.
  2. To sensitize farmers in new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  3. To help farmers learn how to organize themselves and their community
  4. To nurture the farmers spiritually through the Word of God.