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CHAP UZIMA project

`ACKNIDP  Orphans and Vulnerable Children CHAP UZIMA project operates in Narok County is funded by Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK,) it operates  within Narok North Sub County central and Mau divisions. The project area is subdivided into four clusters (geographical areas of operation).The current number of OVC is 1090 that is 571 male and 519 female in 469 households.

The goal of the project is to provide support aimed at improving the lives of children and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and also ensure access for orphans and vulnerable children to quality essential services: Education, Health, Nutrition, Psychosocial support and household economic


The project, through the support of the CHVs has continued to ensure that the OVC on care and treatment and caregivers who are on HIV care and treatment access the CCC services from their respective health facilities.

Ensure OVC with Unknown HIV status know their status

Tracking of Viral loads for OVC on care

Conduct MUAC assessments for OVC under 5 years and OVC on care and treatment to monitor growth and development.


The project supports eligible OVC in schools with school fees, school uniform, menstrual hygiene kits for girls, scholastic materials and school levies.

The project also monitors school performance for OVC in school, regular attendance and retention.


Under this component, the project seeks to ensure that OVC and their household members have improved emotional, social, spiritual and mental wellness. To achieve this, the project through the CHVs and project staff conduct monthly home visits for OVC to ensure their wellness and promoting parenting and family support. This is also done to monitor the progress of OVC within their households and to assess the needs for the OVC to ensure that service delivery focusses on the need based approach.

The project also facilitates support groups for OVC and caregivers on care and treatment. This is whereby these groups meet and have discussions on adherence issues, status disclosure, pill count, guidance and counselling, MUAC assessments and health talks.


The project seeks to create safe community and household environment free from abuse, exploitation, violence and discrimination.The project aims at sensitizing caregivers on child right issues, legal frameworks and referral pathways available in case of child abuse cases and to discuss on the progress of the OVC.

The project has also ensured that OVCs are able to obtain their birth certificates


Poverty/Household poverty seems like an unexplainable phenomenon in Narok County. This is the root cause of misery here and it affects mainly the children in that it contributes to a family’s decision to pull children, particularly girls, out of school and thus feeding into the cycle of poverty.

Household Economic strengthening (HES) comprises interventions to reduce the economic vulnerability of families and empower them to provide for the essential needs of the children they care for, rather than relying on external assistance.

Poverty fuels the HIV and AIDS epidemic. At the community level, HIV and AIDS fuels community poverty and severely strains community safety nets and community coping mechanisms. On the other hand the family and households affected by HIV and AIDS have increased expenses for health care, caring for the sick, and caring for additional orphaned and vulnerable children. Increased expenses and reduced time for economic activities, such as farming and trading, deplete the family’s income and assets.

It is a result of this that ACKNIDP through the project focuses on household economic empowerment by bringing caregivers together into groups so that they engage in IGA activities to cater for household needs.